Wednesday, July 06, 2005

This, my dear friends, is a large part of the problem

A loyal reader was a bit disturbed by yesterday's post. "Are you sure you want just any person to know that?" she asked. And I ask, know what? That I'm not perfect? That we humans are fallible? That everyone has their good days and bad days? I don't feel like pretending to be perfect. It's a large part of what I believe is a problem in our "perfect" community. It's so taboo to have any problems. Take my experience as a young new mom. I felt so overwhelmed and there were days when I was ready to tear my hair out (or worse) because the baby wouldn't stop crying and I hadn't had more than 90 consecutive sleeping minutes in too long. I remember thinking, why does everyone else seem to handle it so well? I was blown away when a friend commented on how well I was adjusting to mommyhood. I realized I was contributing to the problem: I wasn't being honest. I was showing the world a face that didn't reflect the truth. Since then, I have made a small difference in many a new mom's life. I see the look of relief in a girl's eyes when I talk about how difficult the adjustment normally is. Key word: normally. Yes, it's normal to be overwhelmed. Yes, it's normal to have days where things don't go as planned. Yes, it's okay to take off your supermom cape and be human.

So, yes, dear readers, I am human and imperfect. I hope you can still respect me!


fsgsf said...

Wow! And there I thought I was the only "imperfect" one out there!!!


NJ from NJ

Ayelet said...

No way! You're normal just like I am!

snowgirl said...

I am with you 100% - this is a very large part of the problem... everyone's got to just stop with all of the perfect show junk... b/c not only do they make themselves CRAZAY but they also ... twist the world view.
I consider the "perfect" ones to be those who are just chilled about the fact that they're not perfect... and carry on ... and be imperfect - gracefully.
And I would add that an important part of being "put together" + "cool, calm, and collected" involves being comfortable with yourself at those times when "everything's flying".