Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hapisgah has no couch (what are they thinking?) but luckily some respite from confining chairs at the dinner table is to be had at the bar - v'hamevin yavin Posted by Hello

the birthday boy Posted by Hello

the whole party Posted by Hello

Tonight we celebrated Dovid's Big 30 at HaPisgah. Thanks Ima and Abba for the treat! Dovid - have a happy birthday, year, and many more! Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Mr. Handsome here Posted by Hello

Little diva Posted by Hello

We are happy, oh so happy... Posted by Hello

Ada Posted by Hello

okay, how cute am I? Posted by Hello

you guessed it, Ari and Rivky's wedding Posted by Hello

walking down the aisle Posted by Hello

This is how we smile when Mommy says we have to! Posted by Hello

with Savta at the wedding Posted by Hello

Princess Sari at Ari and Rivky's wedding Posted by Hello


Hello to all my family, friends, and any strangers who happen to visit. I've created this site so I can share photos of my beautiful family. Stay tuned for photos of the May Cuties.