Thursday, June 30, 2005

Help for the technically challenged

My family and friends are really great but their computer literacy...let's just say it's not their strong point. In light of this fact and since several of them have expressed frustration in this very arena, I have a few pointers about how to properly give feedback to a (specifically, my) blog. (Note to Ima: Please take your fingers out of your ears and stop singing the alphabet song on the top of your lungs. You can do this.)
  • At the end of most of my posts, you'll see the word "comments". It will be preceded by a number - usually zero (sob). It will also be underlined. That, my dear Watsons, is a clue. You can click on that word to post a comment.
  • You will be directed to a page that allows you to view the 0 (sob) comments posted already. Below the most recent post is a link (remember the underlining clue?) that reads "Post a Comment". Click on it. That's an order.
  • A window will pop up. In it, you will notice a box. It will be empty. Click in the box and write your comment/ feedback/ requests/ hopes and dreams and whatnot.
  • You do NOT need to have a blogger id in order to post a comment. You can choose "other" and type in your name or pseudonym. You can choose to remain "anonymous" if you prefer that I sit and wonder who wrote your comment and why you wouldn't want me to know that you wrote it (unless of course you have something nasty to say in which case I'd prefer that you keep your comments to yourself or get your own blog to vent).
  • Do be sure to click on the button at the bottom that says "Publish Your Comment" so that your words don't get lost in cyberspace without ever having made it on to my blog. That would be a great shame.
I hope you've been able to get the main idea (remember that from your fourth grade reading comprehension workbook?) amid the clutter of my tangential wordiness. Let me know how I can help you in any other way.

Good Sport

The kids have this ongoing tradition of racing each other back home from the little room down the hall that has the trash chute and recycling canisters. Invariably, Mordechai reaches our door first and gleefully shouts "I won!" Sari reaches the door several seconds later and, just as gleefully, shouts "I losed!"[sic]

And today's "Bad Mommy" Award goes to....

me. I was the last mom to pick up my kid on the first day of day camp. It gets worse: he was crying. Nearly tore my heart to shreds. I promised we'd bake cookies together to make up for it. We made a batch of the best SnickerDoodles ever! I thought that would ease the guilt but it hasn't. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Three's a Charm

A third boy has joined Sam and Saul today! Best wishes to the proud mama and papa, Cindy and David. Can't wait to see y'all on Wednesday.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pics, pics, pics

Sari actually slept in her new sunglasses for nearly a full week after she got them!

My kids' babysitter, Namie, is so talented. She's the one who did Sari's hair. How cool is that?

Reb. Ruchie Kramer was the one who recommended this book to me. Being a great fan of hers, I purchased the book that very same week. I haven't gotten past the intro - haven't found a minute to squeeze in some reading. It seems, though, that the book holds the interest of a wide variety of readers. Dovid was the one who noticed this precious scene and called my camera's attention to it. I think he was also kinda' proud about the continutaion of the May Bathroom Legacy...

And some random cuteness....

And, finally, a true sign of the times. That there is Mordechai "taking a picture" of Sari with his "camera phone"!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Mazal Tov! Mordechai graduates from kindergarten with honors!

Getting his diploma from the Principal a.k.a. Zeidy

with the proud mama

Morah Sarah Rivka Harris

Morah Pinina Englard

Not yet a Rabbi

Mordechai had a difficult halachic question. He wanted to know if he could play with a little handheld electronic game on Shabbos if he doesn't turn it on or was it still forbidden because the item is normally muktza. I directed him to Dovid. Dovid said that he wasn't sure and that he would have to check with the rabbis in yeshivah. Mordechai responded with the suggestion: "Or you could just look in one of the books!"

Internet, we have a problem!

Ada has learned to get from prone to a seated position. In most respects, this achievement should be considered cause for celebration. Tonight, I have learned the not-so-exciting ramification of this exciting development. She wakes up at night. Normally, after a few whines, she'd fall back asleep. Now, she sits up and cries(loudly) and in her over-tired hysteria does not realize that all she needs to do is LIE DOWN AND GO BACK TO SLEEP!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Don't do me any favors!

Sari kept insisting "I have favors" and I had no clue what that was supposed to mean until Mordechai intervened and explained, "She's saying she has fever. I think she wants medicine." How come he's so much better at Sari-tongue than I am?

Shavuos menu

Do people eat the milchig meal at night or day? I could've sworn it was totally a day sorta' thing but I'm hearing some conflicting arguments from friends....