Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pics, pics, pics

Sari actually slept in her new sunglasses for nearly a full week after she got them!

My kids' babysitter, Namie, is so talented. She's the one who did Sari's hair. How cool is that?

Reb. Ruchie Kramer was the one who recommended this book to me. Being a great fan of hers, I purchased the book that very same week. I haven't gotten past the intro - haven't found a minute to squeeze in some reading. It seems, though, that the book holds the interest of a wide variety of readers. Dovid was the one who noticed this precious scene and called my camera's attention to it. I think he was also kinda' proud about the continutaion of the May Bathroom Legacy...

And some random cuteness....

And, finally, a true sign of the times. That there is Mordechai "taking a picture" of Sari with his "camera phone"!

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momof4 said...

Your kids are adorable (k'ah).