Monday, June 20, 2005

Mazal Tov! Mordechai graduates from kindergarten with honors!

Getting his diploma from the Principal a.k.a. Zeidy

with the proud mama

Morah Sarah Rivka Harris

Morah Pinina Englard


Anonymous said...

MAZAL TOV on this most momentous occassion!!!

Penina & Nachum said...

I do not honestly believe that you would give up food till someone commented.... I even contemplated trying it to see if you would carry through - but someone left you a comment first. Oh well.

Ayelet said...

Yes, my dear nabes. Some people actually would care if I starved to death! And you can stop looking so shocked...

Anonymous said...

hi, cute pictures, I didn't see shaya in any of them. Looking forward to speaking with you.


P.S. I can be reached in the mountains on my cell phone. Miriam has the number.