Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip to the ER

Sari nearly sliced her thumb off this evening while trying to cut a slice of challah for herself. I heard a cry of surprise from her and one of admonition from Mordechai. I saw her race past me on her way upstairs and I asked Mordechai what happened. He told me she had cut herself so I called to her to ask her where she was going. She said she was going to get a bandage. By the time she came downstairs with a bandage her hand was dripping with blood and she was looking pretty shaken. I couldn't even tell where the cut was because the blood was all over so I took her to wash the blood off. I could see that she had cut her thumb pretty deep so I (calmly) called Dovid to check it out and he agreed with me that it needed medical attention. Sari wanted Daddy to take her to the ER (I'm trying not to be offended) so I wrapped her finger in a gauze pad. I was afraid a bandage would be a bad idea because taking it off would mean pulling the pieces apart. ***shudder***

I thought I'd go crazy when I called Dovid's cell and heard it ringing in the living room! How could he forget his cell at home when he takes one of MY kids to the ER?! A friend of ours called a little while later and suggested I call the ER and ask for him. How like me is that? To forget that there was life before cell phones? Duh. The receptionist was happy to transfer me to bed #22. Sari was fine and was getting her wound taped rather than stitched which is certainly a lot less traumatic and will hopefully prove to be equally effective.

A little while later I called again to find out that they'd been discharged. Mordechai had been practically pacing the whole time since they had left but he seemed to be somewhat relieved to hear the news that they were on their way home. He turned to me and asked if I thought he should give Sari all his stickers. I was quite taken by surprise and didn't really have a chance to answer before he decided for himself that he would do just that. When she got home he handed her his whole sticker album. Now, granted he's not really all that into stickers for quite some time now, but, how sweet is that?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost Five!

Someone asked Ada the other day how old she was. Her response:

"Four and a half and three-quarters."

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Transportation through the ages

Mordechai just told me a joke about a car that had special driving instructions. Funny thing, it was just like the joke I heard as a kid. Only the joke I heard was about a horse that would stop if you said "Shema Yisrael" and go if you said "Baruch Hashem!"

Lessons for Real Life

Sari came over to me holding an empty box after taking the last M&M ice cream cone. I looked at her, puzzled, and told her to throw it away. She said, "But you could use it to hold the door open!" (I'd been wondering all morning what happened to my homemade door stop that holds open my kitchen's swinging door.) I was so pleased. And she said, "Isn't that great? We're recycling! We're making less trash!" Nice carryover, no?