Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ears and Cars

What do the two have to do with each other? Funny you should ask. I was just planning to tell you. I spend a lot of time in the car. Actually, the time I spend in the car is the ideal time for me to "take care of business" that requires use of a telephone. Obviously, this necessitates the use of a cell phone (or, as Sari calls it, a "celephone"). This in turn necessitates the use of a hands-free device a.k.a. an earphone. Herein lies the problem. The earphones that are on the market are too large. Either that, or my ears are too small. The very clever manufacturers of these devices think they have solved this issue by creating a hook that presumably rests around the ear and keeps the earphone IN YOUR EAR. Hah! They are far from having solved the problem! In fact, they're headed in the wrong direction. They used to make headsets that had headbands and worked like the old-fashioned headphones. Now, when I try to purchase a set of those, salespeople look at me like I've just stepped off a time machine from the past and shake their heads sadly. So the upshot of the whole affair is that I have one hand on the phone, dialing and such, and the other hand is holding the earpiece to my ear and the steering wheel is left to do as it sees fit! Thank G-d these hands-free laws are in place to protect our safety. I'm sure driving hands-free is a huge improvement!

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