Friday, July 15, 2005

Scissors, needle, and thread

There's something so primitive and barbaric about oral surgery. Cut gum, pry out tooth, stitch up gaping hole, tie a knot to hold thread in place. Despite all the shiny metal equipment in the office, there's no hiding the fact that things haven't changed all that much from the days of Tom Sawyer. Oh, and the pain. Did I mention the pain?


immmm said...

hope that u r feeling better, using your mouth for eating, drinking and lots of smiling. We had a gr8 time at the Schwartz's and missed your company. the photos of the children at the Aquarium are yum, and they look like they enjoyed the sealion show. Love to all, immm

Anonymous said...

great blogger page ayelet!i'll have to take more time to read it in its entirety when shaina isnt crying in my arms.thanx for being a great upstairs neighbor!

-penina cohen