Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh, darn. They miss me.

A postcard came in yesterday's mail and it was addressed to me in a cutesy, curvy handwritten script. I felt the usual excitement (something I haven't shaken since my childhood) of receiving mail that was not in the junk mail, bills, or financial investment updates categories. I eagerly turned over the card and read: We miss you and simply hope all is well with you. Signed, Curves.


Curves is the name of the "gym" of which I am a member. That is, I am charged the monthly membership fee. Clearly, I have not been there in too long. They miss me. How sweet. I was kinda hoping no one would notice my absence.

1 comment:

Ayala said...

you are tooo cute and by the way...I miss you (is thats any consolation!)