Friday, July 29, 2005

Cuteness update

Ada has been ambulating now for a while. The reason I chose that particular word is she doesn't do any standard form of ambulating such as crawling, cruising, or walking. No, no. She stays in a sitting position, puts out her right leg and left arm and scoots along on her tushie. It is amazing how quickly she can get around!

She's also learned to kiss. She seems to invest much concentration and effort in the task. She pulls in her upper lip (much more than necessary) and lets an adorable little smack out. Her mommy and anyone with an iota of humanity melt immediately.

These past few minutes have been devoted to trying to make a little car go. It's one of those cars that wind up when you pull it back on its wheels and then shoot forward some distance when you let go. Obviously, although she is a natural genius, she has not quite mastered this technique. So she's been throwing it over and over trying to make it work.

My brownie boy (that would be Mordechai, who is so tanned he could be easily mistaken for an Indian) is loving day camp. Every day they learn a new game - classics like musical chairs, gaga, soccer, who stole the cookie, telephone, dry-dry-wet, freeze dance. Mordechai was the freeze dance champ. I'm beaming with pride.

He's been keeping up his academic pursuits, as well. The other day he looked at the clock and noticed it was 6:43. Dovid was due home at 7:20. He insisted on staying up, saying, "Dad's coming home in 37 minutes. I wanna' wait up for him." Helloooo! He's 5 1/2!

The funny thing is that Sari copies him and will ask me when I'm on my way out, "How many more minutes you coming home?" The difference is, she's perfectly satisfied with any answer I give, be it 25 minutes or 8 hours. Mordechai will signal his approval or disapproval of the proposed length of my absence. He will also chastise me if I'm late. The pressure I live with! You have no idea.

Sari's personality is absolutely magnetic. She leaves a trail of love-struck people in her wake wherever she goes. Her current favorite activity is playing with her doll. She announces who she is for the play session and the name of the baby that goes with her character. She is so creative, it's fantastic.

These kids are such a joy. Thank G-d for His blessings.


Kristen said...

Hey, good for you! I am proud of my cuties too!

Yocheved said...

Ayelet-- You do have a smart little boy in that Mordechai!! My chaya esti wants to know if little boys like coming to little girls homes for a play date-- I innocently asked her-- oh yeah-- why do you ask? Cuz I thought it would be fun to have Mordechai May over.... ah ha-- shidduch in the making??? I continued to probe for more information... I asked why Mordechai, after all he IS a BOY?!?!?! She started to laugh and siad, "well' he is a nice boy--" there you have it-- the first sign of true love from my child--- Chaya esti tells me that when they played gaga Mordechai had eyes just for her--- he kept tyring to get HER out. She thought that was great-- we had so much fun with Mordechai MAy, Mommy!!" She tells me that whenever she tells secrets to sara and chavi-- Mordechai comes running over with his hand cupped over his ear wanting in on the secrets-- so Ayelet, I think it is a good thing they are not going to be in school together for the next 18 years-- but should you ever want that play date--- give me a call!!! --Yocheved Deitsch