Sunday, October 30, 2005

A word of explanation

You may be wondering why I haven't posted in so long and am suddenly posting by the ton. The answer is that, sadly, I seem to no longer have internet access from my home. I have continued to write on my beloved laptop (yes, I do still love it even though my comma key is broken. Nobody's perfect.). I am now posting from Mom's computer all the stuff that has been written over the past couple of weeks. Sorry for the overload. Feel free to read only a bit in one sitting. Anyone interested in sponsoring internet access in my home can contact me. Smaller donations also welcomed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayelet! Sorry to hear about your internet crisis. I'm sorry i cant offer to sponser internet service for you in your home, but i can definely offer you use of internet in my home. you can really come whenever you want, as long as you don't mind the mess...
but if you don't want to shlep- you should do what i did- get a free aol cd for 6 months and then when its over call them to cancel and they'll keep giving you months for free. it works for at least a year.