Monday, October 10, 2005

Not so happy Columbus Day

I woke up with the sorest throat I can remember having in a very long time. Plus my neck and shoulders are stiff and achy. My head is pounding. Ada was vomiting. Ditto for Sari. I measured Ada as having a temperature of 101.1 degrees. Dovid just called that he has a massive stomach ache. My TMJ has been so bad that I actually wake up during the night because the teeth grinding is so loud. I have to do two carpools today. But on the bright side, I have a day off today. Somehow I'm not finding such tremendous joy in that.

In any case, thanks for listening to me whine.

Update: We have strep. All of us. That is, except for Dovid who's considering moving out for the night ;). Well, I feel much better now. Not physically but emotionally. There's nothing like having your illness validated by a positive throat culture. None of that "it's just a virus" garbage. I am sick and I've got the culture plate to prove it!


Anonymous said...

In order to be do Teshuva for number 2 on your previous post, I decieded to comment. But I really just wanted to wish you a Refuah Shalema.

Anonymous said...

REFUAH SHELEIMA to all the members of the May mishpacha!

Anonymous said...

OY VEY, can I bring you a hot tea, chicken soup and just a smile!!!!Refuah Shelama to our loved ones. Immma and Abba

Layah said...

I need to speak to you about how to cure your TMJ.

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. I just went through the same thing but no day off! Feel better.

Anonymous said...

Oy! I'm so sorry to hear this. Next time something like this happens, please give me a call- I'd be happy to help you out with car pools are watching the kids.
Hope you're feeling better by now.