Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Ada just celebrated her first birthday on Rosh Hashana morning. Seems like ages ago when she was born last year - trip with Hatzola to LIJ, no time for "pain relief" (again!), spending three days (Rosh Hashana and Shabbat) in the hospital with Ada (who was named that Shabbat after I had left Dovid with the final name decision. I kept looking at my baby wondering why I was the only person in Yeshiva who didn't know her name! What was I thinking? Or was I not thinking at all?), lovely roommates (one's husband blew the shofar for us both days), Mordechai and Dovid picking us up after Shabbat and bringing me home to a spotless apartment and a sleepy Sari courtesy of my awesome neighbors (that would be Nachum and Penina, of course), my mom being there for me with all the newborn stuff that was needed. One year later, Ada's as beautiful as ever and is such a joy to our family. She has even been pulling some all-nighters (sleeping, that is) in the past few weeks. In celebration, I thought it was about time I shared some footage of the famous "Ada Method of Ambulation". When you hear someone say "do the Ada", this is what they're referring to: (click on the image)

The next clip was shot in the early morning hours. She's doing what she does best, namely, sitting and lookin' pretty!


Layah said...

Hey! I scooted like that too when I was a baby. It's a much smarter way of getting around, if you think about it. One in a thousand do it.

Anonymous said...

Like the way she crawls. My daughter crawls so fast that someone saw her in the Drs. office and said she looks like a toy that you pull the string and let go and they go flying. Ayelet how do you do those video clips they are very cute.LW

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ada, A happy and healthy Birthday #1, and stay as pretty and creative in all ways till 120. Much love today and forever, Pinches to the cheeks and thighs and a great big hug,
Zeydee and Mema

gayilc said...

Happy Birthday Aida. We miss you guys! Reuven said something about Sari Bari today. I can't remember what it was though. I can't wait to show him the clip tomorrow. He'll be all excited about it! Miss You! Avigayil