Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ada update

Still doing the tushie-bop scoot thing. Two lower incisors are in. Loves to find articles of clothing around the house and "dress" herself by putting them over her head and hanging them around her neck and shoulders. Gets a big kick out of reading books and pointing to random spots on the page. Likes to get involved with whatever her older siblings are doing: If they're running back and forth and laughing, she'll do the same (scooting, of course). If they're playing Connect Four, she joins right in, putting the chips in the slots. If they're playing a board game, she grabs some cards and, um, sits in middle of the board. That's usually when the abuse starts. She has unfortunately learned to hit when she gets mad. Heh, you thought she was too young? No, sirree. She doesn't talk or walk yet. Fortunately, she's as beautiful and cuddly as ever and does that incredibly charming trick of burying her head in your chest and peeking up at you through her eyelashes. I fall for that one every time.

1 comment:

Rena said...

Ada sounds so cute big! That tushi bop sometimes sounds more relaxing than walking. After a busy day of laundry, working , parking(verb for going to the park, and detaching(one kid from other), I think I would love to just tushi bop over to my bed and lie under the covers.