Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mordechai's rebbe met up with Dovid today in yeshiva and told over the following conversation he had had today with Mordechai:

Mordechai: Is it okay to ask a rebbe when his birthday is?

Rebbe: The Torah doesn't say you can't but it's not so nice to ask older people because it's considered a private question.

Rebbe: Why? Does it make a difference?

Mordechai: Not really. I just wanted to know your birthday so I could tell my mother to bake a cake.


Shoshi and Daniel said...

Soo cute!!! Lots of nachas!

Anonymous said...

Cute kid!
Is the rebbe gonna get one as good as Penina's- I helped myself to a peice of it and twas delicious!
(My birthday was in December- but we're still accepting late cakes...)

Anonymous said...

ur son is so cute
and i am impressed with the rebbe hw he handled it. some rebbeim may have said it is inappropriate end of story but he explained to him how it is not appropriate (and y) but not assur
and at the end he still asked him y he wants to know and he didnt just blow him off that is the way all rebbeim should be. anyway this is such a nice story

Jacob Da Jew said...

Ditto all of the above. Sounds like a well-mannered boy and a quality rebbe.

Ari said...

hmm looks like Rebbe read last week's Yated :)

Ayelet said...

Ari: Clue me in because I didn't read it.