Monday, February 19, 2007

The girls were wearing matching dresses the other day (my babysitter gets such a kick out of doing that), so I thought it would be great if I could get a good shot of them together. Clearly, Hashem had other plans, because I could not manage a single moment with both of them smiling and sitting normally. I've gotta' hand it to them, though. They tried. Especially Ada!


Barzilai said...

Your children are a glowing testament to a pickle and coffee free lifestyle.

Ayelet said...

Ah, but Sari loves pickles! And all the kids enjoy spoonfuls of sugar dampened with light coffee on Shabbat mornings with - you guessed it - Daddy. Cleaning up the sugar scattered across the kitchen table and floor is a small price to pay for an extra half-hour of sleep every weekend :)

Anonymous said...

please give the girls mema and zayde's speed number to call us.
Love, grandparents
*can we get some copies of photos?