Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Hate Socks

I have yet to do a load of laundry where each sock is paired with a matching sock. I keep the loners in a special singles' bag hoping that they'll one day find their zivug hagun (proper match). The crowd grows and grows and the singles problem is getting out of hand. These socks need shidduchim desperately. And I am losing my mind!

That's all. Just had to get that off my chest.


~ Sarah ~ said...

safety pins are the answer. try to get them pinned together before you put everything in the wash though :P

Ayelet said...

Probs with safety pins are
1. drying is impeded because the socks are tied at the spot
2. very time-consuming pre-wash
3. un-child-friendly
4. a sure way to breed holey socks.

Any other ideas?

snowgirl said...

I don't think there's an answer. there are those sock ring things, whateva, it'll work for about a week but then you know how it'll become a pain etc.
I remember so clearly when I was growing up, that every few months my father would bring out like 4-5 laundry baskets filled with single socks and he promised us a nickel or s/t for every pair we'd make. we did make quite a few.
maybe that's the angle.

Jacob Da Jew said...

My wife tried to get me to use those sock rings but it didn't fly.

Good luck!!LOL

Anonymous said...

how bout using a mesh bag? Just keept it near the hamper and put your socks directly in there. that should keep them contact. don't overstuff thought, or they won't get clean.

Ayelet said...

snowgirl: I'm not going to even bother responding to you because I know the chances of you checking back here are slim to none ;)

J Da J: What kind of ogress are you married to? ;)

Anon: Mesh bags? I shudder as the vision of camp laundry fills my mind. That's another surefire way to get damp socks out of the dryer.

Barzilai said...

six comments about wayward socks. The internet is indeed a strange new world.

Anonymous said...

We call our basket of lost socks the upper west side in my house.

Ayelet said...

anon: why upper west side?

Anonymous said...

Upper west side - is full of singles. You can see that you have been out of that scence for awhile.