Monday, July 24, 2006

She swung on a swing!

My Ada actually swung on an actual swing! Bear in mind, please, that this is the same Ada that burst into tears every time she saw other kids swinging, even at a safe distance. This made the first week here at camp a bit difficult because there's a swing set about a hundred feet away from the FH. Plus there was the fear of walking on any unpaved area, which obviously includes most of the campgrounds. Add to that the distinct disliking she took to the dining room and you can see how the initial adjustment period here was a bit difficult for her and, by extension, her loving parents.

But, she swung today. On a real swing. It took many baby steps: looking at the swings from far off, inching closer, sitting on the bench right next to the swings while they were empty and then while they were in use, touching the swing, sitting in the swing. And today she swung. I'm one proud mama.

She also walks on the grass. She goes up the steps to the pool and dining room with little assistance. She downright enjoys going swimming. And she has become an active participant in all dining room activities. When a hand goes up to signal that the kids should be quiet, she joins in the "shushing" with her finger on her nose. She claps along with the singing, waves her hands in lieu of dancing, and bangs on the table at the right times (okay, a few seconds late) during bentching. She's become quite a hit, I must say.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe that our special, little, beautiful Ada is walking confidently on the grass and enjoying the swing. As we pass every beautiful Israeli toddler, we think of round-faced smiley Ada, and blow kisses. Cant wait to C U all, heard that U R hosting some terrific family members for shabbos. Love to all. im & ab

Shoshi and Daniel said...

Yasher koach Ada!!! - and to you Ayelet for doing a desensitization with skill!!! Glad to hear you are settling in to camp!

Elie said...

Every milestone our kids reach is so exciting!

Did you ever meet my son Ben? He's home now for the 2nd part of summer.

Ayelet said...

Elie: No, I didn't! Not for lack of trying, though. I tried going over to his table in the dining room a number of times but, either he's an eat-and-run sort, or I coincidentally picked all the wrong times to come because he was never there! Did he enjoy camp?

Elie said...

Yes, he really liked it, though they worked him very hard. Sorry you missed meeting him. Since he had to set up night activities, he was probably often working when everbody else was eating.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Rebecca said...

I had a similar experience on shabbos. Estee always enjoyed watching others on the swing but the second we would put her in she would look terrified and cry. This shabbos she went on and loved it. yay!