Thursday, July 13, 2006

An educational parable

The woman whose computer I'm using (thanks Mrs. A!) showed me a video. It's a representation of an interesting parable that I've heard somewhere before, although I can't remember when and where. I thought you might enjoy it. (Update: I can't seem to get the link for the actual video working here. The link will take you to the text.)('nother update: Got the video up now:))

I've got a bunch of little stories to blog about but there's not too much time now... Soon, I hope.


Rebecca said...

it's not working

Elie said...

We were at CGD last Sunday visiting my son Ben, who's Rabbi Erps' assistent. Have you met him?


LittleBirdies said...

Thanks! It was a very powerful presentation. I made my husband watch it too.