Monday, February 13, 2006

Winter Wonderland

How's that for an original title? Not.
Well, at least it's clear that I'm not referring to the hour it took me to get my car out this morning. There I was, husbandless, with my tires spinning. I actually had to shovel. With my own hands. My tiny, soft, feminine hands that were not meant to know such menial manual labor. Before everyone rushes to conclusions, Dovid did dig the car out Sunday night. Unfortunately, the plows created more to deal with in the morning. Even so, Dovid went out at 6 A.M., before he left for work, and dug out a path for me and checked that the car could get out. In fact, it did get out much of the way. It just refused to finish the job and left me halfway into the street. Oysh. What a disaster. Thankfully, I got out with some help from a very kind neighbor (thank you, Nachi Winter!). Let's not do that again tomorrow. (When I came home from work today Mordechai called to me from the other room, "Did you make sure to park on the left side of the street?" He's such a little man, that one.)

Well, the wonderland I refer to in my title is the one my children revelled in on Sunday afternoon. Mordechai had a blast. Sari was petrified at first but I finally managed to push her out the door. We started by just pushing the snow gently with our toes. Before long, she was actually walking in the snow. Not quite the dare-devil.


Rebecca said...

Great pictures!! That same thing happened with my car last year at work while I was pregnant. I was freaking out because I was told not to shovel and I kinda had no choice. Just as I was about to a kid passed by and asked me if I needed help, it was from shamayim!

And yes, I did notice the oysh. It works for you!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I was in that stuff myself! The pictures are great, bring back memories of my own firsthand snow experience with the May cuties. I've been telling my friends that I borrowed the neighbor's kids to play with me. Thanks for the privelege :)