Monday, February 13, 2006

Mazal Tov, Morah!

My boy went to his teacher's wedding tonight! Oh, I feel so...I don't know! Proud? That's silly. It's not exactly an accomplishment. It's just that he's getting so big. Next week he celebrates his 6th birthday, on the 24th of Sh'vat. He's almost halfway to being a bar mitzvah! Wow.

He looked so handsome tonight in his dark blue suit and light blue dress shirt, his big-boy dress shoes, and his hair combed neatly. As we waited for his ride to pick him up in the lobby of our building, he opened his coat to "check how [he] looks". He struck a pose in front of the mirrored wall and, with an approving smirk, said, "I look fine." Oh, yes. Quite fine!

When he got home, I asked him how it was. After he filled me in with some details, I asked him in my usual manner, "and who was the most handsome boy there?" He looked up at me with that yummy twinkle in his eye and gave the answer I was waiting for, "Me." And then, in a fit of generosity, "Some of the other boys looked handsome, too."


Malky said...

Ayelet -
I'm commenting here because I can't figure out where else to post a general comment. This page is hysterical. It is making me half-laugh, half-cry - I feel like I'm getting to know you again - Things I hate: Misused apostrophes! Now I know how we were friends, since I don't know if there's anything worse than a misused apostrophe, except maybe a misused apostrophe in a publication that is supposed to have an editor, OR MAYBE misuse of the word "its". (The dog wagged it's tail - AAAAAH!) (Or is that a misused apostrophe.) Anyway, good to speak to you. I'll keep reading, cause it seems like this page is a good way to follow you rlife and thought processes... I do envy the fact that you have a place to express what is lurking in your literary psyche. My literary psyche has been squelched for so many years now that I think it may have just DIED. I do love to write though.. (Sigh.) It is refreshing to see that another human being on this planet (as opposed to on Mars) has a knack for writing. (Not to toot my own horn, but I guess it needs a toot once in a while.) Oh, and sourkraut is spelled sauerkraut. (Funky German spelling or something.) Bye!

Frimie Fromowitz said...

Ayelet, this is so weird and cute. How did you know how to set this up? Your husband is fine with all your favorite movies and music posted on the internet? Which teacher got married? Mordechai May was probably the most handsome boy at the wedding- he's so yummy. I'm glad you dislike pickles because I ate the whole pickle platter at the YTY dinner. (Can you tell I'm supposed to be working on a report now? ) See you around. Love, Frimie

Ayelet said...

Frimie - Thanks for visiting and come again! It's totally free and easy to set this up with

As for Dovid's opinion of the whole thing, he is actually the one who forced me to get high-speed internet access because he saw how much I enjoyed the "outlet". He's cool like that. He does ask that I stay away from discussing him too much :).

Esti Katz was the teacher that got married. She's the assistant in their class.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the pickles.

BB said...

And you didn't think my son was the handomest one there!
Anyhow, its good to catch up on what your kids have been up to since this summer. No time during the day though b/c getting wrapped up in the may chronicles wouldn't count towards billable time, would it?
Thanks for the "getHuman" link - I read about the idea a while ago but hadn't found it...

Ayelet said...

BB! Glad to see you here. Welcome and do come again!