Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Torn Together

A short video. Tell me what you think.

Hat tip: Ima


snowgirl said...

This happens to be a beautiful and touching presentation that s/o composed. Very true concepts, in general, you can't tear something apart that is one.
In regards to Gush Katif, this clip presents one side of "us", not both sides :-(. Saddly, we are torn apart at the core, and if we weren't then this whole thing couldn't have happened.
There were chayalim and mishtara that were in charge of this mission. The misrad hachutz doesn't sit there and pick out the left wing chayalim to execute the orders that would be heart breaking for a righty to execute.
Still leaving room for credit for some lonely folks out there, I'm sure there
were some lefty officials who were crying for the folks of GK and feeling for them deeply.

Anonymous said...

I know Ayelet that you are not fond of FORWARDS through the email, and i wholeheartly agree with you. I thank you for posting this video, and gdwilling the year to come, can be a year of love, peace and brochos for klal yisroel. Love those MAYS sooooo. immmm

Anonymous said...

Ayelet I must ask you how your husband feels about your blog? I must commend you for doing something you enjoy but so 'out of the box.' It's refreshing to see someone like you. Anyway, how does he feel about it? Especially when there are pictures of him in shorts relaxing on his couch.

Ayelet said...

Hmmm. I can't speak for him, of course. He's certainly seen it. I insist he see every post. I think he feels positively about it. He certainly feels pride when he gets compliments on it.
He thinks it's wonderful that I have something I enjoy that allows me to unwind a bit. In fact, he keeps telling me to just get my own high speed connection instead of counting on the signals that I pick up from time to time from neighbors. I can't bear to spend the money on what I consider a total luxury. He insists that it's not a luxury to relax and my blogging hours are a vehicle for that. Logically, I know he's right about that but I'm a cheapo by habit - and even more so when it comes to spending on myself. It takes a lot for me to feel properly justified.
As for the pic you mentioned, he loves that one! What's wrong with relaxing on the couch in shorts? Do you mean the shorts aspect? Do you mean the relaxing aspect (bitul z'man, perhaps)? Or perhaps do you mean that he's lying on the couch thereby creating excessive wear on my lovely leather furniture? Since he's not in his underwear and is acceptably modest and he spends most of his 18 waking hours either learning or teaching Torah, the only thing I can fault him for is the wear on my couch. I've tried to talk him out of his habit of lying rather than sitting on the couch to no avail. Any suggestions?

Ayelet said...

P.s. Thanks for visiting, Anonymous! I'd love to know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayelet! it's me- adina- and hopefully this comment will finally go through so you can really believe me that i read this. i'm really enjoying reading these cute entries- especially since i know who your kids are now. how does it work- if giti hangs out in your apt. for long enough, does she get into this thing too?
the video was beuatiful by the way. Regarding that comment about the picture of your husband in shorts- i have to say honestly i haven't seen it yet- but dont you think it could be a problem if one of your husband's talmidim sees it? unless of course you think that no boy would hang out among the pages of a mother's blog, and if he was, he'd never admit it to his friends...
see ya tomorrow!