Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In honor of me

I know it's late, but I finally got around to uploading this clip.

This was our first attempt - I ran out of space on my memory card before we got through it. Oops.


Shoshi and Daniel said...

Ayelet they are so delicious!!! Thank you for posting their tribute.

Ayelet said...

Hi, Shosh! Thanks for enjoying it:)

Anonymous said...

Shes so cute. I love this video thing. I gotta figure it out. I know my camera has it but i need to figure out how to upload it. ENJOY

Rachel said...

They are so gorgeous, and hilarious to boot! I love it!

Ayelet said...

Is that you, Rachel? I miss you. Hope all's well with you...:)

Rebecca said...

My favorite part is how sari is stroking mordechai's face as they sing, so cute!
Also, I love her boots!! where did you get them and do they make them in size baby? :)
That's a cute song- I taught my 3 year olds (tune of b-i-n-g-o)
I love her and she loves me and mommy is her name-o M-o-m-m-y m-o-m-m-y and mommy is her name-o
and this to the tune of frerer jacques:
I love mommy I love mommy, yes I do yes I do Mommies are for hugging (hug self) mommies are for kissing (blow kiss) I love you (poiny to mommy) yes I do.

Ayelet said...

Rebecca, I know! Isn't that sweet how she strokes his cheek? Her boots are from Target - my all time favorite store for kids' clothes and shoes. Another great shoe source is Payless. You'll often find really nice, leather shoes there, too.

I love the songs you taught your kiddies. They must have been delicious when they sang it. And Mommies just eat that stuff up!