Monday, April 24, 2006

Me - from A to Z

No. I wasn't tagged. Not by Ezzie, Jameel, Mirty or PsychoToddler. I see no reason why that should stop me from doing this meme.

For my English speaking, I am fortunate to have been saved from the dreaded New York accent by a Philadelphian father. And, thanks to my mama, I have a pretty decent Israeli accent when I speak Hebrew. When I was little, I would say my name in each "language". Although, in each language, the name is "Ayelet", I would vary the accent when asked to say it in Hebrew or English!

Quite infrequently. Whiskey sour on a rare occasion. Wine - dry or semi-dry - on festive occasions. Zima on any occasion I can find a store that carries it.

Chore I Hate:
That's easy. Cleaning the bathroom!

Like them but would never have the patience to actually care for one. Plus, Sari is morbidly afraid of them.

Essential Electronics:
Not quite essential, but I sure would miss my laptop and cell-phone if they were ever to disappear. Does a microwave count? 'Cuz that is definitely essential.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne:
Samsara. Bobbi Brown. They're sitting in my drawer. Can't remember the last time I ever used them though.

Gold & Silver:
Platinum! I do adore jewelry - rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Diamond is my birthstone and my best friend. I do sound shallow, don't I?

Jerusalem. Born in Haddassa Hospital on Har Ha'tzofim.

Ever since my first child, rarely. What is the opposite of insomnia? When you could fall asleep at any given moment if given the opportunity to get comfortable enough? I have that.

Job Title:
Mom - wife - chef - housekeeper - chauffer - first-aid administrator - teacher - referee - consoler - program director - dresser - secretary - shopper - advisor - etc. Oh, and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Gorgeous, brilliant, and irresistably adorable.

Living Arrangements:
Small 2-bedroom apartment on the seventh floor of a rather unattractive building. One bathroom, but have use of neighbor's bathroom in case both kids have to go simultaneously. Elevator is a vintage model which requires that you pull open a heavy metal door once the elevator has arrived at your floor. I would never have thought it would happen at such a tender age, but I regularly make use of a granny cart.

Most Admired Trait:
I'm stumped.

Number of ...
[content deleted due to delicate nature of material]

Overnight Hospital Stays:
Mordechai - 5 nights (He was born by c-section)
Sari - 2 nights (VBAC)
Ada - 2 nights (Over three-day yom tov. Didn't have to check out till late the 3rd day, after Shabbat.)
Ada (again) - dehydration. 1 night in ER on stretcher with her in arms, 1 night in chair beside her cage crib. The pits.


There are lists of them that I love. I'm always scribbling them down when I find them. Here's one I came across fairly recently : "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." (Will Rogers - according to Rachel)

Jewish, by birth and choice

Raphael and Mordechai.

Time I Usually Wake Up:
6:53. Dress and pack up Mordechai. If the girls are still sleeping, tiptoe back to bed at 7:12. Reset alarm for 7:32. Snooze till 7:41. Roll out of bed reluctantly. ETD to work: 8:03 AM.

Unusual Talent:
None of my talents are remarkably unusual. Unless you count the ability to smell a grammatical error from miles away a talent.... Yeah. I didn't think so.

Vegetable I Refuse To Eat:

Worst Habit:
Worrying. Assuming the worst case scenario.

Huh? I don't get the question. My dental x-ray records indicate that I have 5 permanent teeth missing. Fascinating tidbit, I know.

Yummy Foods I Make:
Mmmm. Pecan pie, anyone?

Zodiac Sign:
Aries. Couldn't you tell?


Ezzie said...

Microwaves are the root of all evil. :)

And, hey, I was just trying to spread the wealth, ya know?

Rachel said...

Yeah! I got quoted! And it is Will Rogers...but I have been looking around for a good quote by a more learned Jew...I'll let you know when I find one. Also, after perusing your job title, I am hoping that you get a yearly raise. If not, I hope you are protesting! :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ayelet - My sincerest apoligies for not tagging you...Don't worry, there will be alot more MEME's going around :)

Jerusalemcop said...

wow, 5 missing permanant teeth? I have one and always thought taht was strange. The baby tooth has started to loosen up a bit lately, so I guess it'll be out pretty soon.


S.I.L. said...

Hey! I was born in that hospital, too! Don't remember seeing you.


Rebecca said...

it's funny, I was so tempted to do the meme even though I wasn't tagged!

Ayelet said...

Ezzie, Jameel - no hard feelings. I didn't mean it to come off sounding like an admonishment!

Jcop - You still have baby teeth? How old are you?

SIL - So you were that funny-lookin' baby girl living two bassinets over!
And, yes. I do believe that's what I have.

Rebecca - You're officially tagged.

PsychoToddler said...

It's either sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Or having small kids.