Thursday, April 27, 2006


My Dad came up with this riddle for my brother and me on Pesach afternoon. Now, I'm not terribly bright, but my brother is quite the genius, and even he took some time to get it. Here it is:

The following eight letters can be arranged to make five different words:



~ Sarah ~ said...


and i won't put the rest of them cos i don't wanna give it all away to the rest of the people playing!!


Ayelet said...

Sarah! You rogue! Okay, so you're a genius, too. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, so I'll tell ou now. I adore your profile sketches. I assume you do them yourself. Am I right? They're so cute and entertaining.

Ezzie said...


2 more!

~ Sarah ~ said...

they have anagrams in the paper every day here, a nine letter word in a 3 x 3 letter cube and you have to try and find the word and as many other words as you can. i started doing it and it became a competition in the house to see who could get to it first. but, that does not mean i'm a genius or that good at it really! (more of a rogue really ;) just depends on the day. (and my brother found a way to check if the answer was right...)

my profile picture started out as a personal logo i had to do for university but i started to use it more and it's become quite useful and fun! and i get bored of the same one all the time so i change 'outfits'.

shavua tov!! :)

Ayelet said...

Sarah - hmmm. Do the letters touch eachother like in boggle?

~ Sarah ~ said...

sort of. the centre letter has to be in every word that you can make.