Thursday, March 23, 2006

My big boy

Mordechai's siddur play was fantastic. The actual performance was okay - not nearly as polished as Chanukah's show - but the boys were so excited to be getting their siddurim, it was such a delight to share the moment with them. Mordechai showed me excitedly that it's the same one as the one Tante P. gave him, with the aleph-bet at the beginning and the parshiyot (weekly Torah portions) at the end. I was so moved by the whole experience - it felt like such an important milestone. (You can all stop laughing/snorting/rolling your eyes/etc. now.)

Different parents contributed to the refreshment table that was set up. Yaakov's mom made a beautiful siddur cake that also tasted delicious. Mordechai, ever the gentleman, went over to Yaakov and said, "Thanks for the cake, Yaakov. It's really delicious!" Good thing Yaakov's mom was sitting close enough to overhear the compliment and share a laugh with me :).

But, the best line of the day, in my opinion, came from another child, whose name escapes me at the moment. He tried a candy that was obviously not to his liking. He screwed up his face and said, "Eeew, it tastes like salad!" How's that for a simile?


Anonymous said...

Mazal tov Mordechai and the siddur should be your best friend and comfort for a very long time. Cant wait to see the Video and photographs. I remember a few yrs back when Daddy had his siddur party at tifmo, and he was so beaming and feeling grown up. Love and kisses,,, Mema

Rebecca said...

you can definitely tell me who said that, it's cute!

Ayelet said...

Bec - so principled. I'm impressed. This gem was from Michoel Borochov.