Monday, March 20, 2006

Barber shop banter

Mordechai's having his siddur party tomorrow. It's so exciting and emotional for me. I feel like it's a mini Bar Mitzva! It is quite a milestone, after all. It goes without saying, of course, that he is absolutely beaming with pride and excitement!

For the occasion (and because his hair was starting to resemble that of the Beatles), I gave him a haircut tonight. It is my custom to play the part of "barber" when I cut his hair because it distracts him enough to give me another few moments of wriggle-free trimming. As any good barber does, I engaged the customer in conversation...

Me: So what's the occasion for this haircut, sir?

Mordechai: Oh, I'm having a party tomorrow.

Me: Oh! What kind of party?

Mordechai (apparently assuming I was either a gentile barber or a non-observant Jew): It's a book party.

Me: A book party? Why would you make a party for a book?

Mordechai: It's a holy book.


Timi said...

Hi Ayelet,

How do I email you??
Am I totally missing where your address is on this blog?

I tried to respond to the email you sent me but it didn't work. Email me and let me know.

I also couldn't find the response to my crazy long comment. :)

Timi said...

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Mazal Tov on the Siddur Party. Mordechai is very cute.

Chedva Berdy said...

He's too cute