Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunny day

As part of a unit on the bracha of Hamotzi, Mordechai "illustrated" a book authored by his teacher called "The Story of Wheat". It goes through the wheat's "life cycle" from seed to bread. (I've written only two sentences and already have three sets of quotation marks. Something's not right about that...) Somewhere along the line, Mordechai was getting confused, thinking that sesame seeds should fit somewhere in the story. I explained to him that, actually, sesame is a totally separate species of plant. "So where does sesame come from?" he wondered allowed. "Oh, I know! Sesame comes from Grover!"
"From Grover?" I queried.
"Yeah," he answered. "From Grover, and Elmo, and Ernie.... You know, from Sesame Street!"


Rebecca said...

I guess I'm still sleeping. It took me a minute to get that. oysh!

Eve said...

Your email?

Rebecca said...

I really have been thinking about what you said and I really think we should do it. We can post a general message to all bloggers on our blogrolls, etc. Come to this and this place at this and this's not unsafe or anything and it would be kinda cool. Hopefully ppl would have something to talk about with no computer to hide behind!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute!