Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can I use the phone, please?

This is getting ridiculous. First it was Ada. Now Mordechai is hogging the phone. Go ahead. Eavesdrop.

"Hello? Is this Yaakov? Okay. You're coming to my house for the concert tomorrow, right?
(I'm thinking, what concert?!)
Okay, get your mommy on the phone and I'll get my mommy."
(The mommies take their turn. We agree to work out the details later.)

(After dinner)
"So, what's the story? Are you coming? ...You want to bring your brother, Ari? Hold on a sec. (confers with me) Okay, but only if you come after four. ... Four o'clock. You remember when we learned about time? Like that...
This is how it's gonna work. You're gonna watch and I'm gonna call a few people up who could do a few magic tricks. A show is like a hundred people right? You can't have just one person. ... Yeah but it's in my house so I'm in charge of my house. You're in charge of your house. ... (I don't pay attention for a few minutes as I get to my blog posting page. I return to the program just in time for:) You hear me? What did I say? ... You wanna bring your sister also? Wait. (Confers with me). Okay, put her on....Baila, you could choose an instrument but not the drums cuz Ari's playing that... You'll do the piano? Fine.
(Me: Can I talk to his mom?)
Can you get your mom to my phone? ... Oh.
(to me: she's resting.)
Okay I'm gonna go get ready for the show. I'm gonna work on the design. ...Stickers? Okay, you get the stickers for the show.
...Okay ...okay. Bye."

Okay, gotta go help hime spell the word "welcome" for his sign.

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treppenwitz said...

This was adorable! In a child's imagination anything is possible!