Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good and Bad

The good news: I think (I'm hesitant to be more definite for fear of demons, evil eye, or whatnot) I finally have an internet connection up and running. Dovid forced me to buy high-speed service - he called Earthlink and handed the phone to me when it got too technical for him to proceed i.e. they asked him something like "do you have a laptop or a desktop?" After, several failed attempts and with the able assistance of Penina, I even got Gertrude, our pet wireless router, to do her thing. We even had the customer service agent at Belkin referring to the router as Gertrude and cheering her resurrection!

The bad news? I'm so behind on my blogging that a sense of hopelessness is starting to set in. The olam ha'blog did not cease to turn during my forced hiatus. My favorite bloggers have been as prolific in their writings as ever. I feel like I'll never catch up! Plus, in my current panicky state, I can't remember any of the stuff I wanted to post.

The good news: I can always refer back to Haveil Havalim #48: A J-Blogger's Feast by MCAryeh that is really awesome and quite comprehensive. Check it out to see what's been up lately in the j-blogs.

More news (good or bad, depends on your perspective): I won't be around to post much for a little while due to the Chanukah Crunch. I refer to the short window of time between now and Chanukah in which I must produce and ship about 40 hebrew name bracelets that were ordered as Chanukah gifts. Check out the link for details if you're interested. Forgive the website - I didn't have a clue when I set it up and haven't had the chance to redo it since then. The pictures there do little justice. The bracelets are beautiful!

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ClooJew said...

Oh darn!

I'm at work and I'm checking out your site and you're linking me to a GAZILLION other interesting blogs. And it's a few hours to Shabbos.

And I still have clients to call...and miles to go...