Tuesday, December 20, 2005

20 seconds of cuteness

May Productions is back presenting:
Ada Can Dance!


Rebecca said...

This is so adorable!!!

Chedva said...

Ayelet, Your kids are adorable. I had a few chuckles reading through your current and archived blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayelet -

I met you at the sisterhood event last night and I checked out your blog - your kids are kneina hara so cute, and the photography is great too.

Lauren Paris

Anonymous said...

ari cant get over how cute ada is, neither can I. She looks like a spinning little dreidel.Thanks for having us over friday night, we really enjoyed being with everyone. [How did you have time to prepare for so many people?] and everything was delicous.

ari and rivky

Mirty said...

That's so cute!

PsychoToddler said...


Wow, you sound like my sister.