Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things I love...

…the way Sari argues that she doesn't need to go to sleep: "I wanna 'tay up. My not tired!"
…the way Ada can get distracted by the sight of her hand and spend a full ten minutes examining them with this look of intense concentration on her face.
…the way Mordechai perks up every time he listens to the traffic report on 880 and hears mention of the George Washington Bridge or the Lincoln Tunnel. (Since learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in honor of Presidents' Day, he has memorized all 43 presidents and has decided to become the first Jewish president of the United States. There was a short time, a few weeks back, when he changed his mind explaining, "Too many crazy people wanna shoot you. You know, like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan - even though he didn't get dead, he just got a hole."
…the way Sari comes out of bed for the umpteenth time to tell me a "secret" and whispers loudly in my ear, "I love you."
…the way Ada cracks up when her siblings talk to her.
…the way Mordechai takes such pride in his sisters' accomplishments.
…the way Sari's pigtails bob around with her every movement.
…the way Ada is totally convinced that anything within her arms' reach is naturally intended for her personal consumption or, at least, chewing pleasure.
…the way Mordechai observes everything so carefully and recreates scenarios with such great attention to details in his pretend play. Ex: When playing "wedding band," he keeps a plate on the floor near his "drums" to eat from between songs.
…the way Sari copies everything Mordechai does when she pretends. Overheard - Sari to Mordechai: "You be the Morah, I'll be the Sari."
…the way Mordechai said to me after a period of thoughtful silence as I was tucking him in the night after Purim, "You weren't a clown on Purim because you didn't put on your clown wig and clown makeup, but Queen Esther was beautiful and you looked very beautiful today so we'll just say you were Queen Esther."
…the way Sari says "Shalom!" at the end of a phone conversation or when someone leaves our house. Who taught her that, anyway?
…the way the kids adore their Daddy. Quote from Mordechai: "I love Shabbos and Friday because we get to spend time with the whole family."
…the way Sari adjusts her pants with a wiggle of her tush and says, "My doing like Namie."
…the way Mordechai loves to learn. Quote: "Maf (math) is cool, right?"
…the way Ada's eyes sparkle when she smiles.
…the way Sari tries to distract Ada with toys when she's crying.
…the way they all fill me with such intense love that I feel I'm going to burst and the way they bring an involuntary smile to my face when I think of them during the day.

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