Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Random cuteness:

sun lover

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Vichna Devorah Belsky said...

hi ayelet!
I just got DSL, and my daughter needed some TLC now- she fell down and has a boo-boo on her "leg" (she's 20 months old!) anyway, I sat her on my lap and told her we'll look at some pix of babies on my computer. i went online to my kids' site ( and saw that it was last updated a year ago! Then I remembered that HIndy told me you did a site of your kids, so i did a search on google for Ayelet Yavneh and the third link was this! I've never been anle to look at it bec. my old house did not have DSL available, and dial up is soooooo slow......... Anyway, be in touch- i want to know how you did this. BTW, I also make Hebrew Name Bracelets. I sell them at Lagaacy, and I amhoping to make a web site to sell them online now that I have DSL!

Devorah (Levitz) Belsky