Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We've had record low temperatures in Florida for the past couple of weeks. Since we live in an old house with no heating and lots of cracks and holes and stuff, it's crazy cold by us at night. So we have a couple of space heaters that we huddle around. I spent several nights sleeping on the floor of the girls' room next to their heater because I couldn't warm up in my room. It was pretty insane. Showering was not even an option. The girls have been going to school in the strangest outfits with tights mismatched to clothes mismatched to layers of sweatshirts. But, who cares? My favorite part is the quote I heard from Ada one morning as I was getting her dressed: "I'm sugaring!"

Here are some more:

Ada (sipping a hot cocoa) to me: Do you think Sari would enjoy this? I think she would enjoy this. Let's save some for her.

Me (looking in the mirror, fixing myself up before a gala dinner): Uch, I'm so fat!
Sari (admonishingly): Don't say that Mommy! You're not fat!

That coming from the same girl who says: Are you sure you're not pregnant, Mommy? Your stomach is getting bigger...

And: Why are your thighs so fat?

Ada to Mordechai: I wish this [ice cream] didn't have soy in it.
Mordechai: Why?
Ada: So you could have it!


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Sari, watch what you say to your ima about her weight! It's her metabolism you are going to inherit! ;)