Sunday, November 22, 2009


Out of the blue, Ada announced the following: The Chinese people made two things. Chinese restaurants and Chinese jumprope.

(I have no idea how she knows anything about Chinese restaurants!)


Ada was busily building large squares with Clics. I asked her what she was building and she told me it was going to be a box. She added: I already know how I'm going to do it.

me: Oh? How?

Ada: I can't tell you. You won't get it.

me: I won't get it?

Ada: Yeah. You know, understand.


We were eating out at friends on Friday night. Of course, the kids are always ready to leave long before I am. Well, after polishing off her chocolate mousse and a slice of cake, Ada announced: I finished my dessert. I'm ready to roll!


Rabbi Meyer H. May said...

The kid is too cute!!!

Moshe said...

I love reading about the kids-they are so funny. I miss them!