Monday, September 28, 2009

How fun is it?!

About a week into the school year, Mordechai and I were sitting one night going through his daily schedule in school. He was telling me about his morning routine when he learns limudei kodesh with Rabbi Guttman. After recess, they learn mishnayos. He said excitedly, "Mishnayos is really good!" I said (perhaps a bit skeptically), "It is?"

He looked at me like I was off the wall and said, "Oh, yeah. Mishnayos is even more fun than recess!"

Kudos to Rabbi G.!


Rabbi Meyer H. May said...

A budding lamden! But probably the first ever in the family to express those sentiments! Gemar Tov! Uncle M

Ayelet said...

Ah, but all the brain space he wastes on his massive beki'us in sports and Star Wars...