Monday, September 22, 2008

Bathroom Geography

The shower curtain in the kids' bathroom is a huge political world map. Ada insists that I stay in the bathroom while she sits and waits for things to happen (or longer) and makes me tell her the name of specific places that she points out. The toilet is situated facing the southern hemisphere directly in front of South America. I think she thinks Brazil is the most important place in the world because, from her vantage point, it's pretty prominent.

Of course, she's familiar with Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and some of the states through which we drove in the summer. This morning she went off her usual path and asked me what was to the left of "George" (Georgia). I told her it was Alabama.

Ada: And what's next to Alabamer?

me: Mississippi.

Ada (cracking up with laughter): Mississippi Richmond?
(Mrs. Tzippy Richmond is a friend that recently moved down to Florida and teaches in our school)


Ada: Where's Africa?

me (sweeping my hand over the continent): This whole bunch of countries are all part of the continent called Africa.

Ada: So what's this whole thing?

me: That's South America. And this is North America. This is Europe. And this big, big continent is called Asia.

Ada (cracking up again): That sounds like Ada! (chuckling to self) Asia (pronounced Ay-juh)

Ada: What's that yellow one?

me: That's South Africa.

Ada: Where's North Africa?

me: Oh, there is no country called North Africa. You know, Chef Lisa (a specialty teacher in school) comes from South Africa!

Ada (eyes wide): She drives all the way from there to Florida to come to school?

me: Oh, no! She used to live in South Africa but she came to Florida a long time ago on a plane. Now she lives in Florida.

Ada: The plane flew over the ocean?

me: That's right!

Ada: Where do the kangaroos live?

me: Australia.

Ada: Right. Australia....Okay, I'm done now.


Nachum and Penina said...

very cute!

Ezzie said...

Cute :)

LittleBirdies said...

very cute.

Anonymous said...

Ayelet- I can not believe that Ada is so big that she is saying all these things already! So cute!!
Gitti still talks about you guys. are you coming in for Pesach? we gota make some time to get together- I must see how big and cute your kids got!