Thursday, March 29, 2007

Future blogger?

My school was giving away some (really) old iMacs. Not one to turn down a freebie, I figured I'd bring it home for the kids to play with and learn to type on, etc.. They were absolutely overjoyed when they saw it. As I was putting it together, they were dancing around me excitedly. When I turned it on, Mordechai caught his breath in a little gasp and looked at me with shining eyes and said, "Does this mean we can have our own blogs?"

Looks like I'm headed down the same road taken by the PT family. G-d help the blogosphere.;)


Anonymous said...

We'll be the first to tune in to Mordechai's blog, he is so articulate, full of great stories with an amazing sense of humor. Love & kisses, Mema & zeyde

~ Sarah ~ said...

but yay for getting a mac! :)
even the old ones are good.

Ezzie said...

Squiggle Sarah is biased. :)

But that's an awesome story. :)