Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Food for thought

This was posted in September but I just read it. And I thought it was interesting. Made me feel a bit hot under the collar.


Rebecca said...

Hi, this is totally unrelated, but how do I put blogs I visit on my side bar? I finally figured out the bloglet. I'm a little slow with this stuff I guess.

Anonymous said...

I want the entire blog audience to know what a terrific daughter I have, who gave me from her time and talent to help produce a slide show for my second grade Chumash play. Besides bringing tears of joy to the girls and their parents, it brought me loads of accolades and applause. TTTHHHAAANNNKKKSSS!!!!!!immma

Anonymous said...

Just had a moment to read this piece on "Jealousy", thought it was well-written and thought provoking. I'm glad that I am not the jealous type, but I do look with envy at those with MIDOS TOVOS and advanced social skills. When my family gets together in a loving and peaceful atomsphere I feel like a trillionare. Thankgd for all.