Thursday, August 04, 2005

What language do you think in?

It's fascinating to think about what language we think in. (Yes, grammar cop. I know I should be saying "the language in which we think" but it's just too damn awkward. Live with it.) I'm not truly bilingual of course, but, even so, I used to surprise myself by thinking in Hebrew once in a while. That happened the year I spent in Israel after high school. Nowadays, I think in posts.

Fellow bloggers understand. As I experience my life, blog posts are writing themselves in my brain. An already enjoyable moment takes on an exciting new meaning if it evolves into a viable post. Even mundane tasks become less tedious as I tap away at my internal keyboard and amuse myself with the wit of my words.

Some of these posts never make it to this blog. They may be too brilliant; I am, after all, a modest soul. They may be too dull; no amount of editing manages to breathe life into those. They may be too personal; the downside of foregoing anonymity. They may even be inappropriate for a public forum such as this, however entertaining they might be. The fact is, it matters not whether the post ever gets published. The fun of composing my mind's blog is in itself…exhilarating.


Anonymous said...

ayelet, i have finally gotten myself to the world of the internet, for now, that is we borrowed someones lap top so i am here at your lovely sight of thoughts. its really interesting-and i mean that in a good way. anyhoos have a graet shabbos, of course we'll be going away. take care hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

by the way that anonymous commentor was penina cohen!

Anonymous said...

most thinking individuals compose letters to editors in their minds and articles to be shared, read and debated that never get written. Kol Hakovad to you and your creativity!!!!